How Can You Leverage the New MS Teams Payment App?

iphone screen with icons on screen

Hey there, small business owners and freelancers! Are you still juggling multiple payment platforms like a circus performer? Well, it’s time to drop the act and simplify your life. Let me introduce you to a game-changer in the world of payments – the Teams Payments app by Microsoft. It’s like having a personal cashier in […]

7 Helpful Features Rolled Out in the Fall Windows 11 Update

black and white laptop computer

In a constantly changing tech landscape, Microsoft is the cool nerd that stands out at the party. They’re always cooking up the next big thing, and this time, they’ve outdone themselves. The latest Windows 11 update? It’s not just another update; it’s like stepping into a time machine destined for the future of computing. Think […]

What Is Microsoft Sales Copilot & What Does It Do?

white laptop computer on white table

AI Everywhere, Right? Look, every time you blink, there’s another AI-driven tool out there. Is it just us or is software getting a tad too smart? I mean, who needs a robot making their coffee? Just kidding, we’d totally buy that. But, let’s get serious for a moment. To keep up in this tech race, […]

Should Your Business Upgrade to the New Microsoft Intune Suite?

Download free HD stock image of Update Upgrade

Endpoint Management: Not Your Grandma’s Ball of Yarn! Remember when endpoints all lived under one roof, like a big family reunion every day? Made endpoint management feel like a walk in the park! But hey, who wants to be tethered nowadays? Especially when there’s a beach in Brisbane or a cafe in Mackay calling your […]

Have You Tried Out Microsoft Designer Yet? (Get the Scoop Here)

macbook pro on white couch

G’day Brisbane and Mackay folks! Has your journey into the tech world led you to the illustrious gates of Microsoft 365? Oh, what a time to be alive and designing! Intuitive and User-Friendly InterfaceEver daydreamed about a design tool that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out? Enter Microsoft Designer, the solution to […]

Have You Tried Microsoft Universal Print? (Learn What It Can Do for You)

Free printer document machine illustration

Alright, let’s talk about the modern office conundrum – printing! You’d think that in this digital age, paper would be a relic of the past. Yet, here we are. Busy workplaces in Brisbane and Mackay, still fumbling with the jammed printer, right? What’s more, one pesky printer issue and it’s like a domino effect halting […]

Learn How Microsoft 365 Copilot Is Going to Transform M365 Apps

white laptop computer on white table

Has the prospect of managing the sprawling functionality of Microsoft 365 given you sleepless nights? Are you frustrated by the Excel formulas that seem to have a life of their own, or PowerPoint designs that look like they’ve time-travelled from the ’90s? In the sunny locales of Brisbane and Mackay, we understand this pain like […]

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