Be Careful When Scanning QR Codes – There’s a New Scam Going Around!

Free qr code scan smartphone vector

QR codes are like urban crop circles these days, aren’t they? Spotted on everything from your local Brisbane café’s menu to that flashy flyer in Mackay, they’ve turned into our go-to magic portals for instant digital gratification. Just zap them with your phone’s camera, and you’re transported to a world of online content faster than […]

9 Signs That Your Smart Home Device Has Been Hacked

Free Man Holding Laptop Computer With Both Hands Stock Photo

Oh, the joys of smart living in Brisbane and Mackay! It’s like having a genie in your home – lights dim on command, music plays with a whisper, and the air con knows just when you’re about to break a sweat. But, what happens when your digital genie starts acting more like a digital gremlin? […]

5 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024 You Should Plan For

Free Person Using Macbook Air Stock Photo

Absolutely! Here we go, diving into the constantly evolving world of cybersecurity with a bit of flair and a friendly chat, directly from the heart of Brisbane and Mackay. Let’s unwrap the future of cyber threats and technologies, shall we? And remember, in this digital tango, it’s always better to lead than follow. 1. AI […]

These 7 AI Trends Are Sweeping the Cybersecurity Realm

a computer circuit board with a brain on it

In the whirlwind of digital innovation we’ve been riding these past few years, AI and cybersecurity have become the dynamic duo we never knew we desperately needed. With cyber baddies getting more creative by the minute, AI has stepped up as the superhero of the digital age, equipping businesses with the advanced gadgets (tools and […]

Online Security: Addressing the Dangers of Browser Extensions

a close up of a red and black keyboard

Ever felt like browser extensions are the digital equivalent of those apps you download on a whim and hardly ever use? With over 176,000 options on Google Chrome alone, it’s like a candy store for productivity buffs and customization fans. But hold up, it’s not all sweet deals and handy hacks. As much as these […]

Examples of How a Data Breach Can Cost Your Business for Years

Free security internet hacker vector

In today’s digital playground, data isn’t just king; it’s the entire kingdom, fueling everything from daily operations to big-picture decisions in the bustling business landscapes of Brisbane and Mackay. But, oh boy, does this kingdom have a dragon lurking in the shadows – the ever-present threat of data breaches. Now, imagine the dragon has struck, […]

Are Your Smart Home Devices Spying On You? (Experts Say, Yes!)

flat lay photography of coral Google Home Mini on black surface beside Apple AirPods

Ever thought your smart home devices might be doing a bit more than just following orders? Like, maybe eavesdropping on your latest kitchen concert or sharing your taste in late-night snacks with the world? Welcome to modern living, where convenience meets… a bit of a privacy conundrum. Let’s face it, inviting these gadgets into our […]

Gamers Beware! Hackers are Targeting You.

Free hacker computer programming vector

Hey, gamers and parents of gamers! Did you know you’re in the crosshairs of cybercriminals? Yep, it’s not just big businesses they’re after. With the gaming industry booming like a rocket, those sneaky hackers have turned their gaze to gaming platforms. Suddenly, your Minecraft and Fortnite sessions are more than just fun and games. The […]

Need to Show the Tangible Value of Cybersecurity? Here’s How

a golden padlock sitting on top of a keyboard

Hey there! Are you riding the digital wave like a pro? Hold on tight because cybersecurity is the lifejacket you didn’t know you needed. In a world where everything’s online, it’s no surprise that 66% of small businesses are biting their nails over cybersecurity. And guess what? Nearly half of them are as clueless as […]

Top Data Breaches of 2023: Numbers Hit an All-Time High

Free A Man Looking at a Computer Screen with Data Stock Photo

Hello there, fellow business navigators! Have you heard the latest? 2023 has been quite the rollercoaster in the world of data breaches, and not the fun kind. We’re talking a record-breaking number of data compromises in the U.S. – over 2,100 through September! That’s more plot twists than a soap opera. 1. The Size of […]

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