Should Your Business Upgrade to the New Microsoft Intune Suite?

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Endpoint Management: Not Your Grandma’s Ball of Yarn!

Remember when endpoints all lived under one roof, like a big family reunion every day? Made endpoint management feel like a walk in the park! But hey, who wants to be tethered nowadays? Especially when there’s a beach in Brisbane or a cafe in Mackay calling your name.

With the office now being, well, anywhere from the Brisbane River to Mackay’s coastlines, and 80% of the workload hopping on the mobile bandwagon, isn’t it time we got savvy about security? And, while we’re on the topic of staying ahead of the game, let’s chat about Microsoft Intune Suite – the latest buzz in Managed IT.

What is Microsoft Intune Suite?

Ever thought, “How cool would it be to have a genie manage all my devices?” Enter Microsoft Intune, minus the lamp and the three wishes. This little wonder helps you manage devices, from PCs to tablets, under one big digital umbrella. And rumor has it, there’s an upgrade with even more tricks up its sleeve.

Here’s your brief breakdown (because who has time for jargon, right?):

  • Microsoft Intune Plan 1: Your starting point. It’s like your morning coffee – essential and part of various deals.
  • Microsoft Intune Plan 2: The espresso shot to Plan 1. Advanced features for the IT aficionados.
  • Microsoft Intune Suite: The full brew. From remote help to managing those quirky devices (we all have that one device, don’t we?).

Advantages of Subscribing

Thinking of diving into the Intune pool? Let’s check the water temperature:

  • Streamlined Device Management: Wave goodbye to the chaos! See everything in one place and flex those admin muscles.
  • Provide Secure Helpdesk Support: Got problems? Our Managed Services can be your knight in shining armor, delivering swift, secure help.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Sleep easy knowing Intune is on the lookout. Plus, with our IT Support, even data breaches won’t dare to come knocking.
  • App Management Made Easy: Keeping everyone in sync, whether you’re a Microsoft enthusiast or exploring third-party realms.
  • BYOD-Friendly: Embrace the BYOD movement without the BYO-stress.
  • Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness: As your business blooms (and we know it will!), Intune grows with you. No strings attached.

What Do You Need to Consider?

Okay, so Intune sounds tempting. But, wait – there’s more:

  • Learning Curve: All good things take time. But with the right IT Support (hint: that’s us), your team will be Intune ninjas in no time.
  • Do You Have Legacy Systems?: If your tech is reminiscent of a 90s sitcom, integrating Intune might need some TLC. But hey, our Managed IT team loves a good challenge!

Making Endpoint Management as Easy as a Brisbane Breeze

Contemplating an upgrade to Microsoft Intune Suite? Let’s make sure it’s the right fit for your unique hustle. Whether you’re in Brisbane or Mackay, our Managed Services are here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s chat, shall we?

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