Handy Checklist for Handling Technology Safely During a Home or Office Move

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Hey there, tech lover! Moving? Excited about the new place but dreading the techy mess? You’re not alone. Especially when our beloved tech collection has more wires than a spy movie. Relocating in Brisbane or Mackay can be a maze, but with your gadgets? It feels like moving a tech museum, doesn’t it? But fret not! We’re here to ease your digital dilemmas.

Back-Up Everything

First off, have you backed up? Seriously, imagine setting up your new space only to find your data’s gone on a permanent holiday. Ouch! Make copies, use the cloud, an external drive, or maybe both? We’re talking about your digital life here! It’s like packing an umbrella – better to have it and not need it.

Organise and Label Cables

Oh, the legendary cable spaghetti! Managed IT services often deal with this (surprisingly) common issue. Why not tackle it before it becomes a monster? Use those cable ties. Label like your life depends on it. And when you’re setting up in Mackay or Brisbane and everything just clicks into place? You can thank us later.

Pack Devices Carefully

Original boxes? Gold! No? All good. Just channel your inner bubble-wrap ninja. Cushion, protect, and think of it as a tech burrito. You want that snug, delicious fit.

Remove Ink Cartridges and Batteries

Planning on moving printers “as is”? Rookie move. Remember that one time the ink exploded? Neither do we. But it happens. Also, batteries? Take them out. Let them breathe. Pack them separately, unless you’re trying to recreate a science experiment during transit.

Take Photos of Cable Connections

Here’s a fun game: try setting up without knowing which wire goes where. Managed IT pros call this “Job Security.” But for your sake, snap a pic of the cable setup. When you’re reconnecting everything, it’s like having cheat codes.

Pack Your Wi-Fi Equipment Separately

First thing in the new place? Not the couch. Not the bed. It’s the Wi-Fi. Who can live without it? Pack your Wi-Fi treasures separately. Your future binge-watching self will thank you.

Secure Fragile Screens

Got a delicate TV or monitor? They’re like the tech version of a Fabergé egg. Protect with soft cloth, tape, and always remember: vertical packing. Because horizontal is so last season.

Inform the Movers about Fragile Items

Professional movers? Fantastic. IT Support-level movers? Even better! Be clear, label, and maybe use the “FRAGILE: Handle with TLC” approach. It’s all about communication.

Test Everything After the Move

Here’s an idea: Don’t wait for a Monday morning to discover tech troubles. Test post-move. Need Managed Services or IT Support? Look for the professionals, preferably with a hint of style and wit.

Need a Tech-Smooth Move in Brisbane or Mackay?

Moving is tough, and with tech, tougher. But hey, you’ve got this! And if you want that extra hand ensuring the safe transit of your gadgets, from Brisbane to Mackay? Ring us. Let’s chat, tech to tech.

Cheers to a snafu-free move! 🍻

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