Do You Still Believe in These Common Tech Myths?

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape that we live in, there’s a little something for everyone, along with a serving of tech myths on the side. Ever left your smartphone charging overnight and worried you might wake up to a miniature Chernobyl on your nightstand? Or maybe you’re convinced that your Mac is some invincible tech god, immune to all viruses. And then there’s the much-debated incognito mode – is it really your invisible cloak on the internet?

Well, folks, brace yourselves, because we’re about to debunk these common tech myths, right here in sunny Brisbane and beautiful Mackay. We’ll dive into these common misconceptions and bring you some much-needed tech clarity.

Myth 1: Leaving your device plugged in overnight damages the battery.

This one’s probably as old as smartphones themselves, but let’s clear the air. Most modern devices, whether your trusty laptop or shiny new smartphone, come equipped with clever battery management systems that prevent overcharging. So, feel free to plug in your device overnight without fretting over battery damage. Your morning alarm will thank you for it!

Myth 2: Incognito mode ensures complete anonymity.

Gotcha! Incognito mode isn’t as sneaky as you might think. While it does provide some level of privacy by not storing your browsing history, cookies, or temporary files, it’s no invisible cloak. Your internet service provider and those websites you visit? Yep, they can still see your online shenanigans. For a true anonymity experience, consider tools like a VPN. Or perhaps, just don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see!

Myth 3: Macs are immune to viruses.

Oh, if only that were true! While Macs do have a bit of a reputation for being less susceptible to viruses and malware compared to their Windows counterparts, they are not completely immune. In fact, with the growing popularity of Macs, the dark side of the internet (read: hackers) have started taking more interest in these devices.

Some people that tout this myth point to malware statistics. For example, in 2022, 54% of all malware infections happened in Windows systems. Just 6.2% of them happened in macOS.

But you also need to factor in operating system (OS) market share. As of January 2023, Windows had about 74% of the desktop OS share. Mac’s OS had just 15%.

When you consider this, it turns out the systems aren’t that different when it comes to virus and malware risk. The infection rate per user on Macs is 0.075. This is slightly higher than on Windows, at 0.074. So, both systems have a pretty even risk of infection. This is the case even though Macs have a significantly lower infection count.

Myth 4: More megapixels mean better image quality.

Just because your smartphone has more megapixels than the Hubble telescope doesn’t mean you’ll be capturing clearer shots of the moon’s craters. A camera’s quality isn’t solely based on the megapixel count. It’s a symphony of factors including pixel size, lens quality, image processing software, and more. When choosing a new smartphone or camera, look at the whole picture (pun absolutely intended), not just the megapixels.

Get the Technology Facts from a Trusted Pro

In the digital world, it’s all too easy for myths to become ‘facts’. At Elevate, we’re all about the real deal – whether it’s providing top-notch IT Support or debunking tech myths. Want to separate tech fact from fiction? Need help navigating your tech challenges? We’re here to guide you through all things tech in Brisbane and Mackay.

Give us a buzz today and let’s tackle your tech challenges together. Let’s turn those tech woes into tech wows!

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